"something that hasn’t really been done before"

Despite the 3DS’ many brilliant innovations, somehow 3DS just never took-off in the same way as its pioneering predecessor. With gaming becoming more and more about online connectivity, a multiplayer Zelda shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. More surprising is how long it has taken Nintendo to realise this dream - with 3DS now surely in its twilight years.

Being quite an experimental game, of course, it isn’t without its issues.

Whether a result of technical limitations, or Nintendo’s unwillingness to unleash (inevitable) strong-language on young ears, communication is via a number of emoticons on the lower screen. Trying to get across your exact message often feels like the world’s most frustrating game of Charades.

Matchmaking is also a concern. Or rather the lack of it.

Players vote which levels they want to play: meaning quite often you are overruled and thrown into a game you don’t really want to play. If you are after a particular reward, best to play locally, rather than online.

The story won’t win any Oscars, either, but at least it isn’t another tired Gannon/Zelda situation - a small detail, but a very welcome one.

Levels themselves, revolve around a small hub area, and as such, lack much of the previous games’ exploration.

These, however are small issues and Tri-Force Heroes does, to its credit, attempt to do something that hasn’t really been done before on 3DS. If online Zelda is your thing you shouldn’t be too disappointed.


zelda triforce heroes

heroes screen


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