"essentially an X-rated Zelda"

Despite the huge attention Witcher 3 has received online in recent months, the previous two games were all too easy to overlook. For those who may have snubbed the game in the past, the Witcher series is essentially an X-rated Zelda based on the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski.

As an action role-playing game the emphasis is on combat and levelling-up, rather than Zelda’s puzzle solving or Final Fantasy’s turn-based battling.

The Witcher’s most potent ingredients are of course the amazingly detailed animations, and if you can fathom it – the story. A Game of Thrones-style tale of warring factions - at times Witcher 3 is more interactive movie than game.

Being an 18-rated title, The Witcher 3 is suitably hard. If you haven’t the time to spare you won’t get far here. Even the easiest difficulty setting poses a significant challenge.

In the West RPGs are gaming Marmite. If you aren’t already an admirer of the format you won’t find anything here to change your mind. But to fans it’s a fairly solid, good-looking adventure.

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