"Street Fighter 5 all over again"

When it comes to modern 3D fighting games no other series can hold a candle to The King of Iron Fist Tournament. Virtua Fighter may have the edge in the trendiness stakes, but when it comes to characterisation and backstory, nothing comes close to Namco’s flagship fighting game.

For a title that has always took pride in its humour and bold arcade presentation, Tekken 7 actually takes itself weirdly seriously. As seems to be the norm in 2017, the brief Arcade mode and quirky character specific endings have gone. Replaced instead by a single narrative from the viewpoint of several predetermined fighters.

As a game all about quick thrills, born in the mid-nineties arcade scene, it’s a strange direction.

Typically new fighting games add extra features, whether it be super moves, or special gauges and Tekken 7 doesn’t buck the trend. The new Rage Arts system adds an additional level of complexity allowing an almost defeated opponent to turn the tables.

It’s a bit annoying, and many fans often return to the simpler times of Street Fighter 2, and Tekken 3 anyway. Before V-triggers and air combos were even a thing.

At its heart it’s still post 2001 Tekken, but the less than adrenaline fuelled story mode is a massive disappointment. It’s Street Fighter 5 all over again.

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