"irrelevant pre-teen shooter"

It may be hard to believe now, but when StarFox first hit the Super Nintendo, over twenty years ago, the franchise was actually cool. All the trendy kids played StarFox. Move on to the present day, though, and the series has become a byword for poorly written, totally unnecessary dialogue and annoying characters.

StarFox 2 was famously so bad, in fact, that Nintendo never even bothered to release it, despite being virtually complete.

The main problem is Nintendo’s shift towards younger gamers and their perceived need for change.

Given most major PS4 and Xbox One releases are 18-rated, it may make sense for Nintendo to aim their titles at youngsters, but in doing so Nintendo have alienated the people who grew up with them – some of their most passionate fans.

The original SNES game played almost like a classic 2D shooter, albeit in 3D. Additions like the full 3D dog-fighting mode, and various new vehicles were never really needed. By creating new rival characters, and excessive dialogue, Nintendo inadvertently turned the game into a child’s puppet show.

When Nintendo announced StarFox Zero hopes were high that Nintendo would return to the fast paced, on rails shooter we grew up with. A much needed reboot of the series. Instead StarFox Zero seems to continue down the path of irrelevant pre-teen shooter.


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