"a golden age of gaming"

The nineties were a golden age of gaming. From the birth of 3D polygon graphics, to the beginning of an era where many titles would go on to make more money than entire movies. Sadly, when some 90’s games were made, they broke the mould. They may have tried to update these games, but the originals really were the best…

Time Crisis Arcade

Right from the off Time Crisis screams quality. Catchy orchestral theme tune paired with snappy impressive cinematics. The pistol-simulator gameplay was okay, too. The less refined combo heavy sequels never quite captured the magic of the first game in the series.

Wave Race 64 Nintendo 64

When the aquatic racer first hit N64 the tidal physics were a generation ahead of the competition. The slalom based gameplay was a clever addition. Admittedly a bit easy, Wave Race was THE racer on N64. No one has ever made a better water-based racer.

Zelda Link's Awakening GameBoy

An original captivating story. Classic Zelda gameplay. The pinnacle of the series, even today.

Mario 64 Nintendo 64

Exploring the Mario universe in 3D was enough in itself. Simply hunting every last red coin felt enthralling. 3D Mario games have evolved since, but none have matched the sense of wonder of Mario 64.

GoldenEye Nintendo 64

FPS games have come along way since the early days of the N64, but none have quite captured the pleasure of drilling an unsuspecting guard in the back of the head. To a skilled player the stealthy shooting was weirdly relaxing, by comparison to modern day shooters.

Ridge Racer Arcade

No arcade machine has ever shouted as loud as Ridge Racer. The 90’s rave synths were the soundtrack to a generation of gamers, at a time when home games were still beeping and buzzing. Nothing says nineties like Ridge Racer.

Tekken 2 PlayStation

All the Tekken games are fairly good, but Tekken 2 stands out for its impeccable presentation. Made back when Namco weren’t ashamed of cheesy videogame music, the moody opening is iconic.

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