"Hamilton wannabes will love the new e-sport direction"

Although realistic driving simulators are commonplace today, back in the late nineties Gran Turismo was something of a pioneer. Taking full advantage of the PlayStation’s CD format, GT put the supposedly more powerful N64 to shame and deservedly became the best-selling game on Sony’s 32-bit machine.

Things have come along way since the days of PSone. Physics and car models have improved greatly as Polyphony Digital seek to transform the series into a proper e-sport, endorsed by the FIA. The days of turning an old banger into a 900bhp monster and smashing around Trial Mountain are over.

As with all games trying to court the e-sports scene, the game has become so complex that your average Joe is really going to struggle. GT Sport is easily the most hardcore entry in the series.

When first announced, Sony proudly pushed the fact the game would be PSVR compatible, and after the impressive Drive Club VR, many expected a full VR experience.

Unfortunately, VR really lets the game down. Only a select few tracks and cars are available and players can only compete against a single AI car. GT Sport is mostly a flat affair. It’s a real shame because VR is a game changer for motorsport.

Ultimately how much you get out the game depends how skilled you are. Lewis Hamilton wannabes will love the new e-sport direction. Unskilled players less so.



Gran Turismo


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