"Love the series? You won’t be disappointed"

Christmas is nearly here, meaning it’s that time of the year again for the annual instalment of Call of Duty to hit shelves. Come December 25th underage children across the globe will be excitedly unwrapping the biggest shooter on PlayStation.

To be fair, any game with guns in seems to be slapped with an 18-rating these days. A sensible 15-year old should be able to understand this is just pretend.

Many players have criticised the series for being too similar to previous entries. They have a point, but so are many other franchises. When you’re investing millions in a new game, you don’t really want to deviate too much from what sells. Few complain about yearly FIFAs, why Call of Duty?

Black Ops 3 may lack the freshness of Battlefield Hardline, but still dominates when it comes to online. Expect improved maps and fairer gameplay over last year's Advanced Warfare. Thankfully, getting shot in the back is much less common.

If not inventive, Activision is certainly consistent. Each instalment either equals, or slightly improves on the last episode.

There isn’t really any need to waffle on too much about Black Ops. Everyone knows what they’re getting into when they buy a Call of Duty game. If you’ve had enough of the series there isn’t much new here. Love the series? You won’t be disappointed.

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