"some of the best storytelling of any platformer"

Sackboy may not be as instantly recognisable as Super Mario or Sonic but Sony's mascot is the closest Playstation has come to matching these videogame icons, so far.

Given the mature nature of games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and GTA, it’s good to see Sony hasn’t forgotten the younger generation.

The main selling point is of course the power to craft and share.  Those with enough patience and imagination can design and construct their own levels. Those without can download other people's creations, online.

New additions, Toggle, Swoop and Oddsock add a new approach to proceedings. Toggle's ability to lose and gain weight lead to some clever mass-based puzzles, while Oddsock's athletic skills make for faster speed runs.

Little Big Planet definitely has some of the best storytelling of any comparable platformer, but the thoughtful stop-start nature of the gameplay is no match for the sheer fun of Mario.

little big planet

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