"every childhood gamer’s dream. Or nightmare."

After quite a promising start PSVR has gone worryingly quiet at the moment. Rumours suggest VR support for Tekken 7 may have been removed. And Sony’s closure of Guerrilla Games, makers of RIGS – one of the most impressive games on the headset – doesn’t exactly bode well either.

So as one of the few proper games available on the system, Resident Evil 7 has to be on your radar, regardless of whether you enjoy survival horror or not.

Anyone who has tried and failed with previous games will definitely approve of many of the modern gameplay tweaks, making the game a little easier to play and fun. Players can save their game as many times as they need, and insignificant areas are often blocked, to reduce aimless wandering. It’s the way the game should always have been.

The absence of S.T.A.R.S can only be a positive thing, too. Capcom instead going for more realistic Hollywood-style creepiness, this time around.

In the same way Resident Evil showcased the original PlayStation, the seventh game in the series hammers home the advantages of Virtual Reality. Stupidly immersive presence. Surely every childhood gamer’s dream. Or nightmare.

Whether it’s as much fun outside of VR depends on how big a fan of the series you are, but from inside the headset RE7 has to be one of the most interesting iterations since the game first hit the scene, and certainly one of the meatier games on PlayStation VR.

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