"It’s a shame all games can’t be multi-million pound blockbusters"

Shooting games seem to have fallen out of favour with critics recently. Both EA and Activision have tried to reinvigorate the market - Activision with the Exo Suit, and EA with this: A Cops and Robbers take on Battlefield. Not just an aesthetic reskin of Battlefield, but a fairly profound change to the way the game plays.

As a cop, the focus is on arresting criminals rather than pumping bullets into heads. Getting into a shootout against multiple enemies is never recommended.

The result is a game that feels more like Metal Gear than a first-person shooter. One of the biggest innovations since World at War became Modern Warfare.

Aiming is a small issue. Using a joypad rather than a mouse means by the time you’ve lined up a shot the target has already moved. A  widespread console issue. Sometimes the shot is lined up automatically when you ready your gun, but it is not as dependable as Call of Duty.

Battlefield has had shedloads of money thrown at it. Cinematics are Hollywood standard. Something we’ve come to expect from EA. It’s a shame all games can’t be multi-million pound blockbusters, like Hardline.




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