"Roll on Tekken 7..."

Dead or Alive really is a triumph of feminism. Where else can a cast of (mainly) women, kick seven bells out of a muscular male martial artist? Emily Pankhurst would be proud. Were it not for the Bikinis, perhaps…

Most right-minded people would probably feel a little uneasy openly buying Last Round from their local game shop. Given its soft-porn styling it should probably come in a plain paper bag. How DOA’s ladies manage to keep on their swimwear in a fight is never really explained.

Controls are inspired very much by Virtua Fighter: one button blocks while the other two punch and kick. It works, but it lacks the versatility of Tekken’s more natural four button control scheme.

Also, Sega’s kind permission to actually use several of their Virtua Fighter cast adds some desperately needed credibility to Tecmo’s game.

At the end of the day DOA is a really hard game to grade. It doesn’t do anything wrong, but neither does it do anything fighting games haven’t done for the past 25 years. Roll on Tekken 7…

Dead or alive 5

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